Many new ebay sellers often fall into the pricing trap. Either they price their items too high to be unsellable or they price it too low to make any profits.

Some basic information on ebay pricing. Ebay has three prices that can be set for an auction.

The "Buy It Now" Price

Allow bidders to buy the item at a fixed price immediately without waiting for the auction to end. Effectively, it also means the auction will end once it has a bidder. The only exception will be in dutch auctions.

The Starting Bid Price

Any auction will require a starting bid price. This is the price set by the auctioneer when he/she first lists the auction.

The Reserve Price

This is the pre-determined price set by the auctioneer. Bids will need to exceed or equal to the reserve price before it will be sold. If an auction ends with the reserve price not being met, the item will not be sold.

Both the "Buy It Now" and reserve price are optional on ebay.

It is important that your starting bid price be set low to attract bidders to your auction. My advise would be to set the starting bid as $0.99 or lower. As a rule of thumb, never set it higher than $50.

What do you do then if you can't sell an item below a certain price? The answer is to set a reserve price. That way, you do not have to worry about selling an item below your profit margin.

Also, it will not affect your feedback rating.

Another potential pricing issue on ebay is shipping. Most disagreements between buyers and sellers occur because of shipping cost.

My advice would be not to overcharge on shipping since most buyers take shipping cost into consideration when looking at an auction. Also it is relatively easy for buyers to determine the shipping cost since ebay and most shipping services such as USPS and fedex provide one.

It is fair for sellers to charge a little for handling charges since it take work to package the item and also postage fees. Most buyers would understand however if possible, try to eliminate handling charges except for big and heavy items.

It is also important to first find out the average selling price of your item before even listing it on ebay. This will tell you the starting price you should list and how much is the ending bid.

The most simple way is to browse through the history of the item you are planning to list on ebay. You can get a feel for how much your item is worth and even determine the starting bid by browsing other sellers' items.

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Auctions have been around for a long period of time and they are steadily gaining in popularity as the way to buy and sell property effectively over the Internet. The majority of people attending a Texas Real Estate Auction are the ones building up a property portfolio but there are also many people seeking out their dream house.

Texas is one of the most populous states and has more than 478 cities and towns and people here in towns and cities look for the investment options and participate in online or offline auctions.

The online Texas Real Estate Auction provides a new and unique system that allows prospective buyers to view properties and bid online for any property offered. There are lot of advantages to an Texas Real Estate Auction among which are included: feasibility, better prices and quick sales. With online auctions, you can purchase the desired property from the comfort of your own home. Also, you can buy properties below market value and make a fast sale as everybody interacts over the Internet.

The online Texas Real Estate Auction opens up a favorable condition for the buyer and it gives him the opportunity to search for his needs and select the best option. For the seller, it gives a chance for many sales channels and generate interest in his property.

Real estate differs from one state to the next. When buying real estate in Texas you should know the laws and rules that will effect you. Some things, however, are universal and apply to anyone buying real estate anywhere. These things are also important to know before getting into a real estate transaction.

Understanding the rules of a Texas Real Estate Auction is vital to winning the bid and saving some money. Sellers should also play their part and answer any given questions correctly and truthfully. In their answers, it is important to not give long descriptions; on the contrary, they should be short and concise.

In the state of Texas, you will find a number of auctions take place annually and the owners of the property are able to sell their property at much higher price on some of the occasions. Therefore if you think that your property is at the prime location in one of the town or city or even in rural area, you can take help of one of the auctioneers in Texas and offer the property for sale. Most of the time Texas real estate auctions are able to attract large number of bidders and you can expect the best price of real estate in one of the auction.

There are two relationships between buyers and agents in Texas, Buyers Agents and Transactional Brokers. A buyers agent is a representative of the buyer. The buyers agent is required to look for the best interests of the buyer. They must tell the buyers everything about the real estate transaction and follow any direction of the buyer. A transactional buyer does not represent the buyer. They are there to sell real estate. They are not required to tell the buyer everything about the transaction. For specific information regarding a buyers rights in Texas you should contact the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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Are you looking to use mini storage auctions as a way to make money? If so, will this be your first time attending an auction? If yes, please continue reading on for a few helpful and important tips, which can help you walk away happy.

Public storage auctions are a great way to make money. Depending on the auction in question, you either bid on sealed bins or whole storage bays. You are essentially making a wholesale purchase. You are offering to pay one set amount for a lot of merchandise. This is where you can make money, as some of those items may be valuable or sellable.

Despite the fact that you can make money with mini storage auctions, doing so can be risky. A wide range of items are stored inside these units. These items may include clothing, furniture, books, movies, toys, home décor, household appliances, and jewelry. There are also people who store their old financial documents and family photographs. You don’t always get to physically inspect everything, so there is some risk involved.

As previously stated, you may not get to physically inspect all items up for auction, but you can get a close look. For that reason, arrive early. You should arrive no later than ten minutes before a public storage auction is scheduled to start.

When scanning a storage bay that has merchandise available for sale, look for large items that are easy to see, like furniture. What type are they? Are they modern, cheap, or antique looking? This can help you guess as to what else is inside. Cheap furniture, like furniture that looks like it came from Wal-Mart, may be a sign that the rest of the items are cheap as well. Of course, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor in quality.

If you intend to bid, as opposed to just watching how an auction works, bring cash. Most only accept it. Rarely, will you find an auction where credit cards and checks are accepted. Do not plan on running to the bank real quick, as you may be required to make payment right away. Speaking of attending an auction as a viewer, you may want to do so. This will give you a firsthand look at how these auctions operate.

It is also important to know that public storage auctions can be cancelled and sometimes at the last minute. If you are traveling far, like an hour or more, to attend an auction, call ahead. Call right before you leave. Those with unpaid storage bills are likely to make good on their payment once they realize their belongings really will be sold. This may result in the cancellation of a scheduled auction.

Storage auctions are popular. Many people see them as a cheap way to get stuff for their homes and many more see them as a way to make money. That is why you will want to arrive early. You also need to be prepared to shout out your bids and face some competition. If you are shy or nervous about doing so, bring someone along who isn’t. This is key to walking away a winner at a mini storage auction.

Finally, know that not all storage auctions are worth your time. You will want to call ahead and ask questions, like how much is being auctioned off. If only one or two storage bays are up for auction, you can still attend, but you may not want to travel far too do so. Your travel expenses may be too high and not worth it in the end.

As previously stated, public storage auctions are a great way to make money, but there is some risk involved. You will not always drive away with a truck filled with valuables that can be resold for a huge profit. However, the more storage auctions you attend and the more bids you place, the better your chances are for walking away with a profit.

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